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18 - 24 April 2016


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Casserole Day
Spag Bol
Chicken Tikka Masala Day
Crispy Aromatic Duck
Chilli con Carne

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Celebrating the diversity of
 international cuisines
enjoyed in Britain

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International Dining Week is run to celebrate the fantastic diversity of cuisines available to diners in Britain and also to raise funds for the less fortunate in the world. This fun event, which widens its focus this year to include dining in, has a more serious side in recognising the plight of the malnourished and disaster-effected people around the world with all proceeds of fund raising events going to The Curry Tree Charitable Fund. It operates in tandem with National Curry Week in October each year.
"Abandoning his countrymen’s traditional pride in the national cuisine and disdain for English fare, Joël Robuchon admitted that the city’s restaurants are now more innovative than those of Paris.
The 65 year-old, whose restaurants have been awarded a record 25 stars by the revered Michelin guide, also claimed that the biggest variety of world cuisines is to be found in London, after a revolution over the past few decades."(Daily Telegraph Jan. 2011)

RESTAURANTS & CATERING ESTABLISHMENTS - With your help we can link with the millions of people dining out in restaurants all over Britain each year. The event follows on from National Curry Week celebrating Indian cuisine, now in its 18th year, and both events aim to celebrate the amazing diversity of Britain's food and drink industry by having a fun time but also by remembering the less fortunate by helping raise donations which for International Dining Week will focus on hunger and poverty.


2012 was the year we first celebrated BDFOs (British Dishes of Foreign Origin) - dishes whose origins are international but have been adapted to become British specialities and even re-exported. This year we repeat our 'homage' to those dishes but alongside them we celebrate some of the most popular international cuisines enjoyed in Britain.


19th April : In praise of Spanish/Mexican Cuisine - Casserole Day
20th April : In praise of Caribbean/Cajun Cuisine - Spag Bol Day
21 April : In praise of Thai/Malaysian Cuisine - Chicken Tikka Masala Day
22 April : In praise of Japanese/Viet/Korean Cuisine - Crispy Aromatic Duck Day
23rd April November : In praise of Chinese Cuisine - Chilli con Carne Day
24th April : In praise of Italian Cuisine

Celebrate some of our favourite dishes and cuisines that Britons enjoy in their millions. If you are a fan of any of these dishes or cuisines why not organise a get together and raise some money for charity at the same time?

Quiz Nights
If you want to run a fun Quiz Night for your customers, club or guests we will supply the questions and answers about food from all over the world and throughout history plus other information on request. It is fun and informative and an ideal way to fund raise for charity.

Best Signature Dish
Do you think your food is rather special? Do you want people to travel from miles around just to try it? Submit your restaurant's signature classic dish (starter, main or dessert) to take the title for 2016 - recipe, photo and customer comment. Email details to or send by post (closing date 8th April).
Best Fusion Dish
Are you pushing out the boundaries of cuisine? Do you have dishes that excite and innovate? Similar to above but for your fusion dish which must include elements from at least three cusines, with recipe, photo and customer comment. Email for details. Closing date 8th April 2016.
SCHOOL/CLUB CANTEENS : Why not join in the fun by offering specialist menus or focusing on the wealth of information about food from the ancient past to the present day we can supply you with.
MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC : Eat out in your favourite restaurant grab a takeaway or dine at home. If you want to help raising money for those less fortunate around the world and in desperate need send £1 per person or whatever you can afford direct to The Curry Tree Charitable Fund P.O.Box 416 Surbiton Surrey KT1 9BJ

 Everyone is welcome.

Organiser : Peter Grove (in conjunction with The Federation of Specialist Restaurants)

P.O. Box 416 Surbiton Surrey KT1 9BJ Tel : 020 8399 4831 email :