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There are 195 countries in the world today and visitors to Britain can find restaurants serving the cuisines of most of those countries in our major cities. London is known as one of the food capitals of the world for its variety and standard of cuisines.

Below are some of the cuisines that can be enjoyed in London plus an estimate of the number of each cuisine and the name of one restaurant serving that cuisine.

AFGHANISTAN (6) Masa ; ALBANIAN (1)Alba Grill ; ALGERIAN (4)Khamsa ; ANGOLAN (1)Ana;-N'Gola

ARGENTINIAN (22)El Gaucho ; ARMENIAN (2)Erebuni ;AUSTRALIAN (4)Lantana ;

AUSTRIAN (2)Tiroler Hut ; AZERBAIJAN (1)Azerbaijan ; CARIBBEAN (60)Mustik

BANGLADESHI (1000s)Hason Raja ; BELGIAN (9)Belgo ; BOLIVIAN (2)El Rincon ;

BRAZILIAN (27)Rodizio Rico ; BULGARIAN (2)Arda ; BURMESE(MYANMAR) (2)Mandalay ;

CAMBODIAN (1)Lemongrass ; CAMEROON (2)Yidmia's ; CHILE (1)El Vergel ; CHINESE (1000s)Kai

COLOMBIAN (5)La Bodeguita ; CONGO (1)The Double Club ; CUBAN (7)The Cuban

CYPRIOT (6+)Cyprus Mangal ; CZECH (1)The Czech ; DANISH (1)Madsden ; ECUADOR (1)El Rincon

EGYPTIAN (5)Meya Meya ; ERITREAN (5)Muna's ; ETHIOPIAN (9)Merkato ; FINNISH (1)Nordic Bar

FRENCH (100's)Le Gavroche ; GEORGIAN (6)Tbilisi ; GERMAN (6)The Fest ; GHANAIAN (5)The Gold Cost

BRITISH (1000's)Roast ; GREEK (100's)Real Greek ; HUNGARIAN (3)Gay Hussar ; ICELANDIC (1)Texture

INDIAN (many)Tamarind ; INDONESIAN (7)Bali Bali ; IRANIAN (45)Zeytoon ; IRAQI (10)Zengi

IRISH (6)Mulligans; ISRAELI (3)Solly's ; ITALIAN (800+)Locanda Locatelli ; JAMAICAN (10)Bully & Bully's

JAPANESE (100's)Matsuri ; JORDANIAN (1)Yalla Yalla ; KAZAKH (2)Pasha Kyrgyz

KENYAN (5)Mombasa Hut ; KOREAN (41)Cah Chi ; LATVIAN (1)Koba ; LEBANESE (80)Noura

LITHUANIAN (1)Smilte ; MALAYSIAN (45)Awana ; MAURITIAN (6)Mo Filao ; MEXICAN (80)Wahaca

MONGOLIAN (3)Mongolian Grill ; MOROCCAN (14)La Menara ; NEPALESE (22)Monty's

NEW ZEALAND (1)Kiwi Kitchen ; NIGERIAN (8)Akiwa ; NORWEGIAN (3)Madsen ;

PAKISTANI (many)Lahore Kebab House ; PERUVIAN (3)Tito's ; PHILIPPINO (3)Josephine's

POLISH (24)Knaypa ; PORTUGUESE (65)O Fado ; ROMANIAN (2) The Romanian ; RUSSIAN (6)Nikita's

SCOTTISH (5)Boisdale ; SEYCHELLES (1)Kaz Kreol ; SINGAPORE (4)Singapore Garden

SLOVAK (1)Czechoslovak Restaurant ; SOMALI (1)London Safari ; SOUTH AFRICAN (5)Chakalaka

SPANISH (105)Aqua Nueva ; SRI LANKAN (20)Elephant Walk ; SUDANESE (1)Mandola

SWEDISH (5)Fika ; SWISS (3)St Moritz ; SYRIAN (1)Abu Zaad ; TAIWAN (6)Keelung

THAI (190)Blue Elephant ; TUNISIAN (2)La Goulette ; TURKISH (100+)Haz ; UKRANIAN (1)Divo ;

AMERICAN (100)Navajo Joe ; VENEZUELAN (1)Solyluna ; VIETNAMESE (61)Saigon Saigon ;

 ZAMBIAN ( (1)Fredor

Roast in London's Borough Market


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