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The Federation of Specialist Restaurants was founded in 2007 to support restaurants with specialist menus - mainly ethnic. The FSR was founded by food journalists Peter & Colleen Grove as a natural progression to The National Dome Grading Scheme for ethnic restaurants founded in 1992 (see History)before publications such as Michelin paid much attention to the sector.

Initially, details of members were featured on which was founded in 2000 to carry the information previously contained in four printed guides : The Real Curry Restaurant Guide ; The Oriental Restaurant Guide ; The Italian Restaurant Guide ; The Mood Food Restaurant Guide, all edited by Peter & Colleen. Such was the interest that by the end of 2007 the website was receiving over 10 million visitors a year.

The FSR dedicated website is a further refinement to its forerunner and is aimed at promoting and informing its members and other interested parties.

As well as specific services, news about restaurants is carried in Mood Food Magazine . As well as member's details visitors have access to details of thousands of other restaurants, market research, recipes and a very useful Chef's Storeroom.

FSR has also created another website for The Restaurant Hall of Fame to mark the efforts of restaurateurs, chefs and other people important to the sector both past and present.

FSR is also the organiser of National Curry Week and Curry Capital of Britain to promote the cuisine and raise funds for charity as well as National Eating Out/In Week

If you have a restaurant you feel should be on any of these lists please let us know. (click here)

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"Curry, Spice & All Things Nice" as featured on BBC2 TV - even includes the history of Chicken Tikka Masala..


Visit the National Curry Week & National Eating Out Week website to join in the fun and fundraising every October organised by FSR




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According to FAO figures the number of malnourished people worldwide increased by 75 million in 2007 to an estimated total of 925 million.

,The Indian restaurant sector provides around 170 million meals a year, sufficient for nearly 3 meals per person of the UK population.

, One child in the world dies every 5 seconds from hunger related causes.

, 23 million people in Britain eat out regularly ( more than once each year).

Together we can help by contributing just £1 a year.

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Funds raised will be allocated to deserving causes around poverty, disaster and malnutrition each year by the trustees which include some of the top people in the Indian restaurant sector.

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"I think The Curry Tree is a brilliant idea. I wish you all the luck for a grand success of this project and I would be delighted to become a Trustee" - Food writer & TV Presenter Mridula Baljekar.

"Nothing should stop us from helping those who are less fortunate than us." - Rajesh Suri, CEO Tamarind

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