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Top Chinese Restaurants in London

Barshu London W1, HakkasanLondon W1, Manchurian Legends London WC2, Royal China London W2, Kai London W1, Princess Garden London W1, Bar Shu Soho London W1, HKK City London EC2, Oriental Dragon London W1, Bo London W1, China Tang at The Dorcester London W1, Min Jiang at Royal Garden London W8, Pearl Liang London W2, Yauatcha London W1, Yming London W1, Yipin China London N1

The Foods Standards Agency quotes a figure of 15,000 Chinese restaurants and takeaways in UK with the latter being a large part of the sector. Mintel quoted Indian as continuing to be the largest segment in the Market in 2012 ahead of Chinese. Trip Advisor list 484 Chinese restaurants in London, just under half the number of Indian restaurants and a quarter Italian.. AOL quoted the British spend on Chinese meals as an unbelievable £46bn in 2012 on 306 billion meals. Many 25-34 year old are apparantly spending over £1700 on the food.

According to a Food network survey Chinese stir fry is the most popular internation food in Britain with Sweet & Sour Chicken in third, Beef Choi Mein in sixth, Lemon Chicken in seventh and Peking Duck tenth.

Dishes to try

Szechuan Hot and Sour Chicken
Chinese chicken balls
Sweet and Sour Chinese Pork
Chinese dumplings or potstickers
Beef in Oyster sauce
Sweet and tangy Chilli Beef
Chilli chicken
Black pepper prawns
Peking Duck
Duck spring rolls with pak choi
Wonton soup
Chicken Chow Mien
Kung Po Chicken
Kung Pao Snow Peas
Roast duck with star anise and orange sauce
Egg fried rice

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