Curry Capital of Britain

2016 competition will commence February with final 10-16 October (14th Year)

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The Curry Capital of Britain


The Curry Capital of Britain was first created late in 1999 by Peter & Colleen Grove who chaired The National Dome Grading Scheme (now The Federation of Specialist Restaurants) and are co-editors of The Real Curry Restaurant Guide as well as Oriental, Italian and Mood Food Restaurant Guides. In addition they advise many official bodies on the ethnic food and drinks sector, and edit Mood Food Magazine ( and are food historians

The event idea arose from the bad publicity following racial unrest in parts of London some years ago, unrest that has been repeated in other cities since. The intention was to provide a showcase for selected cities in United Kingdom with large ethnic communities through the medium of food and drink, focusing on what the cities do for their ethnic communities and, in return, what the multiracial community brings to that city. A more recent focus has been on the cooperation between the council, restaurants and education bodies to promote the curry industry and thereby assisting in allieviating unemployment and promote community cohesion.

Competing Cities(click on city for team restaurants) :
Glasgow - Manchester - Birmingham - Bradford - Leicester - Newcastle -
Leeds - Cardiff - Edinburgh - Liverpool - Sheffield - Nottingham - Northampton -
Oxford - Brighton - Aberdeen (London East - London North - London South - London West -
London Central will have a competition under the same rules to decide on a London team)

Bradford make it five in 2015

Bradford has been announced as the winner of Curry Capital of Britain, for the fifth time in a row to make it a total of five giving them the lead over Glasgow on 4 wins . Glasgow took the runner up sport with Brighton third.


The successful restaurant team (Aakash, Kiplings, Shimla Spice, Akbar) celebrate their victory.

2015 placings were 1/ Bradford 2/ Glasgow 3/ Brighton 4/ Leicester 5/ Birmingham 6/ London South, London Central 8/ Edinburgh, Nottingham 10/ Aberdeen 11/ Cardiff, Liverpool, Sheffield, Manchester 15/ Northampton 16/ Leeds 17/ London East, Newcastle 19/ London West 20/ Oxford 21/ London North

London Central and London South restaurant teams achieved a 100% health & hygiene score.

Customer's Restaurant of the Year : 1/ Koolba, Glasgow 2/ Shimla Spice Keighley 3/ Kiplings Bradford
The Pop Up Restaurant launch was a great success (extreme left Raf from team

"I don’t see it as a competition; I see it as a proud portrayal."
Jennifer Mactavish, Glasgow Communications, Events and Marketing Officer (2015)

Rajesh Saraf, Director at Kama Sutra Group in Scotland, said: “The UK Curry Capital of
Britain Competition is fiercely fought throughout the length and breadth of the country. "

"I am certain that participation in Curry Capital of Britain will bring further prosperity and employment for all the cities that take part." M.H.Turner, RH Worshipful the Mayor of Wolverhamption 2011.

Council comments from previous years :

Marketing Birmingham is proud to give its support to the restaurants selected to participate in this competition and is pleased that the diverse ethnic communities of the city are being nationally acknowledged and applauded in this competition. - Deborah Fitz-Gibbon Policy & Marketing Executive Marketing Birmingham.

Manchester City Council strongly supports Manchester's bid for the Curry Capital Award 2007. We believe that such an award would bring more prosperity to the area, provide local employment and facilitate community cohesion and therefore contribute to delivering our strategic priorities. - Wayne Shand, Head of Economic & Urban Policy Manchester City Council

The Curry Capital title has raised national and international awareness of the extremely high quality of cuisine we have in Glasgow. Throughout the last seven years we have shown our dedication to the Curry Capital title and both our bid team and our restaurants hold this title in high esteem. - The Right Honourable Liz Cameron The Lord Provost of Glasgow

It was a real honour for Edinburgh to win the first EthniCity title in 2003 and be runner up in the Curry Capital competition. We now proudly line up against the contenders from the rest of the UK. - Alisa Falconer Edinburgh Inspiring Capital Brand Manager.

Bradford Council recognises the central role the food industry plays in the prosperity of the region. Bradford has everything, the cultural heritage, the diversity, the innovation and creativity, the entrepreneurial flare and the culinary talent to be crowned Curry Capital of Britain 2007. - City of Bradford MDC

"I am so proud that our restaurants are in the competition for Curry Capital of the UK - I wish them the best of luck in this competition". Councillor Paul Wesley Lord Mayor of Leicester.

New Conditions of participation for 2016.

The Curry Capital of Britain was held every year up to 2007 when it was won by Leicester. The competition was re-introduced for 2010 but as part of the 13th National Curry Week in November 2010 and was a huge success in 2011 - 2015. The rules have now been changed to give the fairest chance possible to each city. The initial competition will decide Curry Capitals of England (minus London), Scotland, Wales, N.Ireland who will then compete plus London for The Curry Capital of Britain.

Previous holders are :

London West(2001) : Glasgow(2002) : Glasgow (2003) : Bradford (2004) : Birmingham (2005) : Glasgow (2006) Leicester(2007) : Glasgow(2010) : Bradford(2011) : Bradford(2012) : Bradford(2013) : Bradford(2014) : Bradford(2015)

Competing Cities & Dates for 2016:

Vote for your city (

You can place your vote for your favourite Asian restaurant anywhere in Britain to be "Customer Restaurant of the Year 2016" at***

***No personal information (email or geographical address) gathered during voting will be passed on to any third party.

Important Dates for 2016 :

*Voting for teams opens 1st February

*Final voting for teams 6th June;

*Teams announced 8th June

*Judging Period 13th June to 1st September

*Final voting for city 1st September

*Final date for Support(Council or Representative) submissions 1st September

*Announcement of National Winners England(excluding London)/Scotland/Wales/N.Ireland 13 September

*Final of inter-National competition between the 4 National winners plus a London team will take place in London during National Curry Week 10-16 October for Curry Capital of Britain.


Step 1 : is to choose four curry restaurants in each competing city to represent the city and on which the judges can focus their attention. This is achieved by votes on the dedicated website( and through Mood Food Magazine as well as in cooperation with councils on their own website, regional newspapers, and radio.

Step 2 : is for the organizers to build up dossiers on each of the four team restaurants in each city for eventual presentation to the thirteen judges who will have carried out their own, independent appraisals with the help of a small army of volunteers.

Step 3 : Invite all team restaurants to hold a special fund raiser during the Judging Period with proceeds going to The Curry Tree Charitable Fund (or another specified charity specified) to help the poor and undernourished the world over. Involvement in The Poppadomathon will be included in this.

Step 4 : is to build up a dossier on each competing city based on what the ethnic community does for the city and what the city does for them and the importance of their curry community with an accent on 'Community Cohesion through Curry' - once again for presentation to the judges.

Step 5 : is to encourage the public to vote for their city via the website or on Facebook or Twitter(@supportcurry).

Step 6 : is to receive the submission (visual, written or electronic) from the Councils or marketing/representative entities as to why their city should win the title (very important). Many cities ask what style their submissions should follow. The choice remains that of each city but judges have found an inexpensive visual aids very useful in recent years.

Step 7 : is to present the final dossiers to the 13 judges for voting and verification by the organiser. During this process votes for cities continue to form part of the overall marking.


Scoring for the title by the judges is based in three areas :

(a) The standard of food and service of the four team restaurants chosen and their role in serving their community and city . (50% marks)

(b) The input from each Council or representative in their submission advising why their city should win the title given the criteria to add to the organiser's confidential dossier. (20% marks). If submissions are late or missing, an independent review will be substituted with a 5% reduction in sector possible marks to reflect lack of support.

(c) Standard of Health & Cleanliness of curry restaurant within each participant based on 'Scores on the Doors' or EHO input.(10% marks)

(d) The support of team members and/or Council of the event's charitable aims. (10% marks)

(e) Customer comments and Trip Advisor ratings and city voting (10%)

At all times the concept of 'Community Cohesion through Curry' will be the underlying factor in judging.








"This sounds very interesting --- I wish the project well and look forward to hearing about its progress"
Tony Blair, Ex British Prime Minister